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I made this stop by using iTunes to Restore the iPhone. Takes a long time (like, half an hour), but it does restore all your settings as well as the software. I suspect this will only be a temporary fix, though.

There are reports that you can make this stop by removing or renaming MDCrashReportTool. On OS X, it's at

On windows, see http://discussions.apple.com/thread....76735&tstart=0

These strike me as hazardous, as updaters might not like your messing about where you're not welcome.

What I think I've learned from all this: Looks like
1. when an app crashes in the iPhone (I've had several), something is recorded there
2. next sync, the crash record is uploaded to the host (Mac or PC)
3. if you chose to do so during installation, this is sent to Apple for their bug-fixing pleasure
4. this would be handled by this MDCrashReportTool thing
5. but there's a bug in that

Resetting the iPhone, I suspect, cleared the record of old crashes, but the next time I have an app crash, it'll start all over again.

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