24/7 twenty-four seven

iOS/OS X application programing topics.

In App Purchase のアイテム数の上限が 3000 個に増えました。

これまでは 1000 個が上限でしたが 3 倍の 3000 個に拡張されました。

Version 5.6 - June 14, 2010
  • Support for iAd including iAd Network contract request, enabling for iAds and visibility of the iAd Net- work module on iTunes Connect
  • iTunes Connect Mobile iPhone App released
  • In App Purchase limit raised to 3000
  • Ability to delete an app from your iTunes Connect view
  • Promotional Codes request process enhancements
  • High resolution screenshot (960x640, 960x600, 640x960, 640x920) and small icon (114x114) require- ments
  • Crash log fetching on demand
iTunes Connect Developer Guide

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