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Radar: When double-tap the dimming view to dismiss the popover, it will also close modal view under

If you display a popover on a modal view, when performing multiple tap the dimmig view to close popover, modal view will also be closed not just popover.

Tapping dimming view calls the event handler(-[UIPopoverPresentationController#dimmingViewWasTapped:]).
The method calls presenting view controller's `dismissViewController:animated:completion:` method.
So the method called twice or more, `dismissViewController~` method is called multiple times, also close other views not just pop over.

Submitted as rdar://18186956 and to OpenRadar.


If showing a pop over on the modal view, double-tap the dimming view to dismiss the popover.
It will also close the modal view together.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Open and run the project https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/285673/sample.zip
  2. Push the right bar button (named "Modal") on navigation bar
  3. Shown the table view modally
  4. Push the right bar button (named "Popover") on navigation bar, shown popover
  5. "Double-Tap" the dimming view
Expected Results:

Dismiss the popover

Actual Results:

Dismiss the popover, and also dismiss modal view under


iPad Air, 32GB, WiFi
iOS 8.0 (12A4345d)


Not only UIPopoverController, this occurs in all views to be displayed in a pop-over style.
For example UIAlertControler(ActionSheet), UIPrintInteractionController, and so on.